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These are just two ways you can avoid to not look stupid! -Taber<3

P.S. My favorite is the soccer one!

Drama on the Soccer Field!


Good bye 2009 :'(. It has been a long, good year… but I’m sure 2010 will be wayyy better. Happy New Years 😀





Nooooo!!! Last night we didn’t post any videos because

1. My camera ran out of battery (wahh!)

2. My webcam was going even slower than usual and then the sound wasn’t working and then the computer said it didn’t even decect that there was a webcame!! ???

But here’s some random pics:

Before any makeup^^

This was after makeup! ^^ I have purple eyeliner on she has the brown/gold. She put lines under my eyes :>/ lol!

Sammmeee. I did Julia first (half her face) and then she did my whole face! It took us a long time to get off! After that our faces felt like “coal” (what julia?) and as though they had been rubbed off (we had to rub our faces hard to get the eyeshadow off).

    DIRTY DANCING one of my fav scenes (:
    PRETTY IN PINK!! I love this movie lol!!
 16 CANDLES! Definately my fav scene in the whole movie.. but I couldn't find it! Only in spanish ugh!

I LOVE THE 80'S!! AHH!! <3 These are my fav 80's movies :D

We love you Micheal. Forever. Rest In Peace :'(.

Blackbird singing in the dead of night

Take these broken wings and learn to fly

All your life

You were only waiting for this moment to arise

Blackbird singing in the dead of night

Take these sunken eyes and learn to see

All you life

You were only waiting for this moment to be free

Blackbird fly, blackbird fly….. Into the light of the dark black night.

Come together right now over me

Magical Mystery Yule (A Fab Christmas)

T'was the night before Christmas, but the spirit of Yule
Was not what it should be in olde Liverpool.
The stockings, all hung by the warm chimney grate, 
Were still sadly empty. For Santa... was late.
Yes, midnight had come and midnight had fled.
The children were lying awake in their beds
Unable to sleep and beginning to fear
That Christmas was really not coming that year
When off in the distance there came a strange noise
--Was Santa arriving at last with their toys? 
Those surely weren't sleigh bells they heard from afar,
It sounded like drums --- and electric guitars.
Now up in the sky, as the music drew near,
A strange silhouette began to appear.
Could those be reindeer? It seemed that they must,
 But instead of a sleigh were they pulling... a bus?
The reindeer drew closer, and yes, it was true:
Behind them a bus, all yellow and blue.
And out from the windows strange voices there came,
Which called out to each tiny reindeer by name:
"Now, Maxwell! Now, Martha! Now, Prudence and Pepper!
On, Sun King! On, Sadie! On, Jude and Loretta!"
The bus was soon landed. The slightest of pauses...
Then out through the doors came four Santa Clauses! 
But these weren¹t like Santas the children had seen,
For under the white beards their beads could be seen,
And clothing that wasn¹t just Santa Claus red,
But rainbows of dazzling color instead.
They all had long hair, some had curling moustaches, 
And one of the four wore round little glasses.
They carried guitars, except for the one, 
who staggered along with a full set of drums.
They spoke not a word, but as quick as a mouse,
They carried their instruments into the house,
And, moving the Christmas tree out of their way,
They plugged in their amps and they started to play.
The room seemed to sparkle with magic and then
That sparkle grew brighter, then brighter again, 
And exploded like fireworks, filling the air!
Then the stockings were filled; there were gifts everywhere! 
But the four couldn¹t stay to admire the scene;
They sprang to their bus and were gone like a dream.
But their voices called out, as they vanished from sight,
"Merry Crimble to all!" and, "What a hard day's night!"”


It's almost 2010! What will your new year's resolution this year be?

“I may be stupid but I know what love is…”

-Forrest Gump